Reindeer Herding GIS and Tools for Land Use Planning (TOKAT)

The main objective of the project is to support the achievement of land use solutions that are sustainable and fulfill multiple goals, and to enhance harmonious coexistence and rewarding interaction of different livelihoods, taking into account especially reindeer herding and its requirements linked to land use. The project aims at producing GIS data on reindeer husbandry and diverse tools and operational models for using this data. The project will develop the abilities of local actors to use the data and tools. It will also enhance mutual discussion and collaboration of diverse actors, including authorities, reindeer husbandry actors and other enterprises, in land use issues.

The project will produce GIS data on reindeer herding on the whole reindeer herding area (except the area done in Porot-project) and develop tools and operation models, which make it possible to use the data in land use planning and in other activities by authorities. Enterprises can use the tools and models in planning their own activities.

The project will produce GIS datasets on the operation of the cooperatives of reindeer herders, reindeer grazing grounds and disturbances caused by reindeers as a result of land use solutions, educate actors working with reindeer husbandry and land use planning in using the data and tools, develop operation models for managing the disturbances caused by reindeers in urban areas and tourist resorts, construct GIS-based tools for taking reindeer herding into account in land use planning and build networks that foster mutual discussion between reindeer herding and other livelihoods.

The project results in GIS datasets, tools, operation models and digital services, education and know-how, and a collaboration network that help in planning reindeer husbandry, other land uses and activities of enterprises.

Additional information

Head of Unit Kari Oinonen
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, 
tel. +358 295 251 474

Senior Researcher Jouko Kumpula
Natural Resources Institute Finland Luke
tel. +358 29 532 7822

Lecturer Veikko Maijala
Lapland University of Applied Sciences
tel. +358 40 706 1699

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