Promotion of sustainable circular bioeconomy in North Karelia

The collaborative project of Finnish Environment Institute and Natural Resources Institute Finland during years 2018-2020 primarily targets at developing sustainable business models for actors in circular bioeconomy in North Karelia. The project will be executed in close collaboration with the Green HUB expert community. To promote the business, SYKE and LUKE will provide their knowhow in the circular bioeconomy, and in the evaluation and value recognition of environmental factors related to circular bioeconomy.

The main objectives of the project are to:

  • Promote development of business models and product development in sustainable circular bioeconomy in particular for SMEs and start-up companies.
  • Develop expert services and test beds for companies to promote business, profitability and competitiveness, evaluating in particular energy and resource efficiency.
  • Strengthen the collaboration between the industry and the experts of bioeconomy, and to boost the impact of R&D in business and innovations.
  • Identify the environmental benefits solutions of circular bioeconomy offer, and to provide expertise in environmental factors of circular bioeconomy.

In practise, the project targets to be executed as follows:

  • Seminars/workshops are organised biannually to identify development needs of the companies, and to share RDI experience on good practises and test beds (Work package 1).
  • The business and competition conditions are supported by evaluating and offering solutions to business challenges and development ideas (e.g. product development, public procurement processes, waste management, material efficiency, environmental regulations, sustainability assessments). The aim is to evaluate solutions in 10-15 company cases annually (Work package 2).
  • New test beds and operation models will be put in practise in business operations. Additionally, companies will be supported in applying RDI projects (Work package 3).

Work packages 1-3 will be carried out annually, and the results and experience gained during the first year will be taken into account during the second year in the work packages of the project.

Contact information:

Project manager Jaakko Karvonen (phone: +358 2952 5187 5, GSM +358 50 468 3796)







Published 2018-01-24 at 23:03, updated 2020-02-14 at 10:58