Programme for Finland’s Water Sector Support to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (FinWaterWEI II)

The overall objective and purpose is expected to lead to four KeyResults:

1 Result: Improved application of integrated management of water resources and strengthened basis for transboundary cooperation;

2 Result: Reinforced capacity of the water, environment and health administrations to monitor the quality and quantity of waters;

3 Result: Enhanced adaptive capacity and preparedness towards climate variability and change;

4 Result: Improved capacity of rights holders –including the poorest and other vulnerable groups– to understand and realise their rights and responsibilities towards water.


Following the human rights based approach to development, the Programme will address the capacities of rights-holders (authorities) and duty bearers (citizens), and the relations between the two groups.  On one hand, the Programme aims at strengthening public authorities’ capability and means to provide the citizens the necessary services and benefits from water. Improved management and protection of water resources is expected to enhance availability of water for drinking and household use particularly in the rural areas where the poorest people suffer most of inadequate water services.

On the other hand, the Programme will also provide direct support to beneficiaries in the form of awareness-raising campaigns, mobilisation of citizens for sustainable water and wastewater management as well as exploring bottom-up approaches to sustainable water management. Particular attention will be paid to mobilising women and improved mainstreaming of gender considerations in water management at different levels.

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