Producing land cover and land use data in CORINE Land Cover 2006 project in Finland

A satellite image mosaic, raster and vector land cover databases and land cover change databases of Finland were produced by Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) as part of the European CORINE2006 Land Cover (CLC2006) and IMAGE2006 projects. CORINE2006 classification of Finland is based on automated interpretation of satellite images and data integration with existing spatial datasets.

Background and objectives

European wide CORINE projects have been executed twice before, in the beginning of the 1990's and in the year 2000. Finland did not participate in the first project, but took part of the CLC2000 project. The latest project, CLC2006, aim was to update the European land cover data and produce land cover changes between the years 2000 and 2006. In most of the European countries updating has been done by visual interpretation of the satellite images.

In Finland the primary objective of the project was to create an up-to-date raster land cover database and produce raster land cover changes database for the first time. Vector databases that meet EEA requirements were also produced in both land cover and land cover changes. Finnish CLC2006 land cover data has been produced by integrating automatically interpreted satellite images and digital map data. The changes between 2000 and 2006 were created by comparing CLC2000 and CLC2006 land cover data and satellite images from same time period.

Data and Methods

Satellite image interpretation

IMAGE2006 satellite image mosaic, which the CLC2006 is based on, consists 47 IRS P6 images and 36 SPOT 4/5 images from the years 2005 and 2006.

The satellite images were geometrically corrected by Metria Sweden. Atmospheric correction and in Northern Finland also topographic correction was executed in SYKE as well as manual cloud masking. After these corrections mosaicing of individual satellite images were carried out.

From the satellite images it was possible to estimate tree heights and both overall crown coverage and crown coverage of broad-leaved trees. These were produced in Finnish Forest Research Institute and the National Forest Inventory Data was used. During this process, the quality of the data was also verified. Automatic satellite imagery interpretation was also used to determine the land cover classes above the tree line in Northern Lapland. Some classes were also manually interpreted from the satellite images (eg. golfcourses).

Data integration with GIS data

Many geographic data sources were used in CLC2006 creation, most significantly Topographic Database of Finland, Digiroad (digital road database of Finland), SLICES land use database and CLC2000 database. Soil information and land use data from the geographic sources were integrated with data interpreted from satellite images. The result was a raster database with pixel size 25 by 25 meters.


The outputs of the project are a national satellite image mosaic (IMAGE2006), raster land cover database, raster land cover changes database with minimum mapping unit of  0,5-1 hectares, vector land cover database with minimum mapping unit of 25 hectares and vector land cover changes database with minimum mapping unit of 5 hectares. The latter two are for European use.

The Vector databases and satellite images has been combined in  EEA to form European wide digital land cover, land cover change and satellite imagery databases.

Funding and co-operation partners

The CLC2006 project was co-funded by the EU and Finland. Nationally the project was funded by SYKE, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The EU (EEA) granted quarter of the funding and also supervised the project. SYKE is responsible of the national co-operation with the EEA.

SYKE has been responsible for the data production in Finland. SYKE worked in co-operation with Finnish Forest Research Institute, which provided the forest data, National Land Survey, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Population Register Center.

Further information

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
Data and Information Centre, Geoinformatics Division
P.O. Box 140, 00251 Helsinki

Pekka Härmä, tel. +358 400 148 738 [pekka harma]

Related publications

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