Processes and Decision Support System for Innovative Public Cleantech Procurement

Project description

This research project aims at promoting the implementation of innovative cleantech investments and strengthening the market and demand for cleantech solutions in Finland. The focus is on examining the processess e.g., preparation of procurement, exchange of knowledge and financing arrangements, that could advance more environmentally friendly investments. A decision support system, also called as “cleantech procurement folder - Hankintamappi” is being built to develop these processes that aim at innovative and low carbon procurement solutions. Hankintamappi will provide purchasers with the possibility for joint procurement, exchange of knowledge and sharing experiences. This decision support system will also bring up and make the environmental and financial benefits of cleantech investments more visible. The functionality and applicability of this support system is developed further by experiences gained from testing it to real-life procurement cases in Finnish municipalities.

In the course of the project, action research approach is used, meaning that an active role is taken in structuring and implementing innovative cleantech investments in co-operation with municipalities. The ongoing and planned investments of participating municipalities will be examined in order to find those product, service and investment groups in which the innovative approach could be best applied, and to search for procurement criteria and definitions of the subject matter of the contract that would support the creation of innovative cleantech investment. In addition,  new processes (e.g. new financing solutions) will be applied in the implementation of cleantech procurement. These could lead to more innovative procurement solutions and create new business opportunities for Finnish companies.

Additional information

Senior researcher Katriina Alhola, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,

Published 2014-04-10 at 15:10, updated 2016-04-08 at 16:01

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