Preparatory Action on Maritime Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea (PLAN BOTHNIA)

The PLAN BOTHNIA project will test Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Bothnian Sea area as a transboundary case between Sweden and Finland. The objective of the project is to gain experience of international MSP processes to be utilized in future planning work within the EU.

The partners will provide background material on relevant human activities and natural features as well as draft material for plans for the Bothnian Sea region. This material will be considered in the five dedicated transboundary planning meetings, where Bothnian Sea area regional, as well as Swedish and Finnish national authorities will have a dialogue on Bothnian Sea MSP issues. The project will participate in a regional MSP dialogue through the recently established joint HELCOM-VASAB Baltic Sea MSP group as well as with the other EU DG MARE preparatory action MASPNOSE -running parallel in the North Sea.

The project will produce a marine spatial plan map comprising the Bothnian Sea coastal and offshore area. National implementation of the plan will be guided later on by consultation with the Ministries responsible for spatial planning in both Sweden and Finland. The lead partner of the project is HELCOM Secretariat in Helsinki.

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Division Manager Pasi Laihonen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,

Published 2013-04-11 at 15:29, updated 2013-04-11 at 15:29