Nordic nature - trends towards 2010

"Nordic Nature – trends towards 2010" was a Nordic communication project on biological diversity financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project published fact sheets on the status, trends of biological diversity, and threats to it, as well as success stories and best practices in protecting biodiversity.


All Nordic countries were participating; Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The international community – including all the Nordic countries – is through various decisions committed to halt the decline of the biological diversity. This target has also been written into the Nordic Environmental Action Plan 2009–2012.


Nordic nature – trends towards 2010. Examples of Nordic contributions towards the international biodiversity target 2010 (TemaNord 2010:509)

Pohjoismaiden luonto - kohti vuotta 2010. Esimerkkejä Pohjoismaiden osallistumisesta kansainvälisen biodiversiteettitavoitteen 2010 saavuttamiseksi (TemaNord 2010:508)

Nordens natur – trender mot 2010. Exempel på nordiska bidrag till att nå det internationella 2010-målet för biodiversitet (Temanord 2010:507)

Nordens natur – frem mod 2010. Eksempler på nordiske bidrag for at nå det internationale 2010-mål for biodiversitet (Temanord 2010:506)

Fact sheets

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