Nordic WFD conference 2014

How to improve resource effective implementation of WFD in Nordic countries


19 March 2014

The City of Oulu, Finland


The Nordic WFD Conference was held in the City of Oulu in Finland on 19 th of March 2014. The Nordic countries shares many similarities concerning water related issues and faces mutual challenges that need to be solved and adapted in collaboration. The objective of the Nordic WFD 2014 Conference was to share experiences and discuss key challenges of 2nd River Basin Management cycle. These include programme of measures, governance, implementation of EU Water Blueprint, harmonisation of status assessments and best practises of ICT and technical solutions. We hope that this way we can enhance resource effective implementation of WFD in Nordic countries. (photo: City of Oulu)

Programme and presentation  for the Nordic WFD conference: Conference Presentations

Summary report of the conference : Report on Nordic WFD Conference (pdf, 3191 kb)

Final report of the project: How to improve recource effective implementation of WFD in Nordic countries_2014 (pdf, 967kb)


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