Montenegro - Natura 2000: Establishment of Natura 2000 network

Project Description

The objective of the project was to carry out all necessary activities to start with laying foundations, including extensive field mapping and data gathering, of future Natura2000 network in Montenegro, in full agreement with the requirements of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives.

The projects aimed at preparing the foundations for Natura2000 network, which is a demanding tool, focusing on the conservation of the ecologically most valuable and most endangered species of animals, plants and habitats, including birds, as required by relevant provisions of the EU Nature Directives.

The project was divided into three activities. The first activity covered the theoretical prerequisites, namely, the preparatory activities needed for any subsequent action. The setting of necessary prerequisites required that the stakeholders are trained, Montenegro Natura2000 concept is agreed, transposition completed, draft by-laws provided, Habitats Directive reference lists agreed, and exact boundary between the bio-geographical regions set.

The second activity focused on meeting the Birds Directive obligations for Natura2000: establishing a bird reference list and preparing and agreeing on proposals for SPAs on the basis of current and planned IBAs. This activity was completed by assessing potential gaps in the SPA network and highlighting pending issues.

The third activity was directed towards field habitat mapping and gathering filed data on species needed for proposing of pSCI in preselected areas of Montenegro. A verification Board was established with prepared means of data verification and a roadmap for completion of the Natura2000 network.

SYKE's role in the project

SYKE had a small but significant role in the execution of the project by providing short-term expert support in trainings and in the field. Responsibilities of SYKE consisted of training of trainers*, compiling a vocabulary in connection to the Natura2000 -directive, giving lectures on the responsibilities of the directive and what is required when participating in the Natura2000 -network. The meaningfulness of trainings and learning by doing was further enhanced as SYKE was able to invite eight professional volunteers of the field to participate in the trainings and inventory collection done in the field. The work was focused on key biodiversity areas (KBAs), in which the nature types were mapped.

Inventory period provided an excellent possibility for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between local experts and volunteer experts. Different types of equipment were tested together and methods for inventories and monitoring ware demonstrated. Annex species found in the field were shown and discussed jointly.

Project was successful in meeting the set goals and SYKE’s expert inputs and cooperation were well received in the consortium.

Before the field works, volunteer experts participated in the training session at Podgorica © Olli Pihlajamaa


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