Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Assessment (MMEA) Research Programme: WP1.1 Data Management; Tools WP3 Remote sensing; WP5 Business Applications

Work package 1.1: Data management tools. The goal is to define a business model and a prototype environment for developing new environmental services based on existing data and services, i.e. the environmental market place prototype. We develop software tools that enable interoperable data management in environmental monitoring applications. The software tools constitute the MMEA Platform that facilitates the integration of data sources and end-user applications. The MMEA Platform provides the technological core for the environmental information market place, EnviTori.

Work package 3 Remote sensing The principal objective of the work package is to further conduct research in the area of remote sensing technologies and applications, and their integration in the MMEA Platform.

Work Package 5: Business applications.  The objective of WP5 is to design, coordinate and develop pilot applications that are potential products for international markets. The pilots demonstrate and utilise technologies, developed in the different workpackages of MMEA programme.

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Jari Silander, Senior Researcher, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,

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