Maritime Spatial Planning Options (Work Package 4)

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Work Package 4 of Plan4Blue organises a participatory process to turn the Blue Growth scenarios (Work Package 1) and results of socioeconomic (Work Package 1) and environmental (Work Package 2) analyses into maritime spatial planning (MSP) options and approaches to address jointly identified cross-border challenges. The participatory process aims to mediate and find the balance between different sectors and different goals.

Work Package 4: 

  • organises maritime spatial planning (MSP) options workshops to scrutinise the Blue Growth scenarios with established strategic spatial planning methods in order to find out how the scenarios and visions can be implemented and which planning and management solutions are the most effective.
  • ends by organising a workshop for key MSP actors to agree on continuous cross-border MSP collaboration in Gulf of Finland and on joint approaches to address the cross-border MSP challenges in respective national and sub-national MSP processes.
  • produces also guidance material for cross-border collaboration in MSP. The guidance material is based on lessons learned during Plan4Blue project and builds also on findings of previous projects such as BalticSCOPE, BaltSpace and TPEA.

Work Package 4 will:

  • bring together key actors in order to identifying joint MSP options to achieve sustainable Blue Growth
  • facilitate a process to agree on continuous cross-border collaboration in MSP for multiple actors
  • identify lessons learned on cross-border collaboration in MSP

More information

Riku Varjopuro, leader of the work package 4, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Environmental Policy Centre,

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