Blue economy and economic analysis of maritime spatial planning project Plan4Blue

Final conference 4–5 June 2019

Riitta Pöntynen from University of Turku, Finland.
Riitta Pöntynen, University of Turku

"In the first session on blue economy and economic analysis, we focused on the drivers and the alternative future scenarios for sustainable blue economies. Working with future scenarios has supported visionary thinking in planning. Interesting cases were presented both from traditional and emerging blue economy sectors."

"In the second session, recommendations for analysis of blue economy and alternative future scenarios were discussed, including stakeholder involvement in MSP process, data on blue economy, as well as cross-border and cross-sectoral co-operation", commented WP leader Riitta Pöntynen from University of Turku.

Presentations of session 1

Presentations of session 2


Plan4Blue recommendations
Recommendations related to future scenario process by Riitta Pöntynen

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WP leader, senior project manager Riitta Pöntynen, University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies,

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