Marine and Coastal Information Services Extension and Transfer (MarCoast, GMES)

Strategic goals of the project

MarCoast targets to deliver a portfolio of marine and coastal services at the European scale. The Prime of Marcoast is Alcatel Alenia Space, France. Partners in Finland are SYKE, Finnish Institute of Marine Research and Helsinki University of Technology – Department of Radio Science and Engineering. This project will continue to 2013.

Strategic results of the project

SYKE produces within MarCoast sea surface temperature (STT), chlorophyll-a and turbidity during May to September.

Invocation of the results, impressiveness

 The products can be found on www-pages:

SYKE has also surface floating algae bloom intensity product during July to August:

Publications and reports

Further information

Senior expert Timo Pyhälahti, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), or from the remote sensing group:
(syke_rs_oper): [group= syke_rs_oper]  

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