Iron-manganese concretions in bioremediation of contaminated soils and sediments - COMICS

Project description

In our project we present an innovative approach where we combine the geochemical character of concretions and the microbial processes present in concretions and apply the approach in bioremediation of contaminated soils and sediments. The aim of the project is to test with the experimental setups for the first time whether micro-organisms in concretions play an important role in the degradation and/or inactivation of harmful substances and whether these processes can be controlled by the ambient environmental conditions. The implications of the microbial processes in the bioremediation will be assessed.

See the poster, that was presented at Microbial Ecology conferens in Seatlle, USA, on August 2010:
Yli-Hemminki, et al.: Microbial diversity and Mn oxidizing bacteria in Fe-Mn concretions in the Baltic Sea.pdf (1095 kb)

More information

Dos. Jouni Lehtoranta, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,, phone +358 400 148 532

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