Institutional Support from Denmark and Finland, Focusing on Decentralised Environmental Management, Nicaragua

Project Description

The project supported the implementation of the Strategic Institutional Plan of the Nicaraguan environmental administration, namely the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA). The objectives were to support MARENA:

  1. in assuming its mission and mandate with greater intensity;
  2. in reorganizing and strengthening institutionally;
  3. to function in a deconcentrated form and actively oversee decentralized environmental management;
  4. to guarantee the participation and promote the responsibility of the population, civil society and the private sector.
The project generated environmental management instruments to protect the environment and manage natural resources in a sustainable manner. The project supported priorisation of policies, laws, regulations, norms, procedures and criteria needed for sustainable environmental and natural resource management, which are in the mandate of MARENA, and other public sector organizations.
Published 2013-05-03 at 14:05, updated 2013-05-08 at 14:32

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