Identification of the needs and costs of the monitoring of nutrient export from forestry areas

The aim of the project has been to evaluate the status of the monitoring of the environmental impacts of forestry practices on surface water quality in Finland and to prepare a plan for the development of the monitoring.

Metadatabase of the forested headwater catchments

Project has compiled a metadatabase of the forested headwater catchments, which have been monitored for research or administrative purposes in Finland.

Metadatabase of the forested headwater catchments (xls, 209 kB)


Finér Leena, Mattsson Tuija, Tattari Sirkka, Joensuu Samuli & Penttinen Jouni, 2012. Esitys maa- ja metsätalousministeriölle metsätalouden vesistökuormituksen seurannan järjestämisestä. Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 226

Contact person

Senior reseacher Tuija Mattsson, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

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