Identification guide of Finnish Planthoppers

Planthoppers and leafhoppers (Auchenorrhyncha) are plant-sucking insects, which belong to insect order Hemiptera. Totally over 400 species have hitherto been described from Finland, and 88 of them are belonging to planthoppers (subfamily Delphacidae). In Finland their habitats covers almost the entire gradients from wooded swamps to open grassland, ruderal sites and boreal taiga forests. Planthoppers are among the most interesting and diverse taxa in terrestrial ecosystems due to their high degree of host plant specialization.

Kelisia confusa. Photo: Teemu Rintala

A guide book of Finnish planthoppers will be a first ecological and pictorial monograph of this deficiently known insect group since Rauno Linnavuori's excellent guidebook from the 1960's. The book will consist of colour illustrations of every species, plus information on habitats, host plants and species distributions. The guide book will be a competent identification tool, not only for entomologists but for everyone involved in ecology and nature conservation. The project is a part of Research programme of deficiently known and threatened forest species (PUTTE) funded by the Ministry of the Environment.

Megamelus notula. Photo: Teemu Rintala

Delphax crassicornis. Photo: Teemu Rintala

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