Governing Digital Commons (GODICO): Governance Frameworks for the Opening and Sharing of Natural Resource Knowledge


This interdisciplinary study targets the need for new legitimate and effective policy models to support the opening of natural resource data and digitalization linked to innovations for bioeconomy.

We expect that important elements of governing knowledge production, maintenance and use exist in between strict intellectual property regulation and fully open access, such as in commons governance. We
further propose that the practices of and institution formation on knowledge sharing depend upon the dynamics and struggles in the natural resource governance regimes, shaped by various actors, institutions, and patterns in their interaction.

We study the interplay of natural resource and knowledge governance in forest and wetland management in Finland and Canada based on stakeholder workshops, interviews and document analysis. The study will contribute novel insights to the development of the emerging theory on knowledge commons and inform policy debates on open knowledge and digitalization.

Published 2017-12-20 at 7:33, updated 2021-10-19 at 12:28

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