Geospatial Platform in Public Administration

The objective of the project (2017-2019) was to provide common specifications and services for geospatial data providers in public administration harmonized and common datasets for all data users and shared user services. The purpose of the Geospatial Platform was to harmonize and improve e-services in public administration, improve and enhance the transparency of data-based decision-making and create cost savings in public administration. The project consisted of eight sub-programs.

Producing different Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Landsat-mosaics was started in the sub-program "Distribution and processing satellite images" led by SYKE. Also, the infrastructure for the National Satellite Data Centre (NSDC) in the Finnish Mereological Institute was supplemented. For example the index mosaics (NDVI, NDTI, NDSI, NDMI ja NDBI) starting 2016 are available in the TARKKA-service. There you can also browse Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 daily true color images.

Metadata for the mosaics:

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Antti Jakobsson, National Land Survey (first name.last, Markus Törmä, Finnish Environment Institute (first name.last

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