Functionality of iron minerals in the environmental processes (FIMIN)

Iron has a controlling role in numerous environmental processes by participating dissolution and binding of substances affecting the status of the environment. Iron acts also as a nutrient and it may even limit the primary production in the oceans. It participates in the cycling of carbon through redox-reactions catalyzed by microbes. Iron takes part in several chemical reactions having environmental significance and it has had an influence on the global cycles of oxygen, carbon and sulphur.

Acknowledging the functionality of iron, the European Science Foundation initiated a Research Networking Programme FIMIN to expand iron research further and to network the research among European countries. Finland took part in FIMIN in May 2011 and the objective of national network is to augment the iron research and create and deepen the Finnish network.

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Senior Researcher Jouni Lehtoranta, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, phone: +358 400 148532,

Published 2013-04-22 at 15:35, updated 2013-04-22 at 15:41

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