Farming culture in transition to sustainable agriculture - a practice approach

Agricultural production needs to become sustainable. Currently prevalent agricultural practices cause not only significant environmental impacts but are in need of change in order to guarantee adequate food production in the changing climate. Some farmers have adopted alternative, more sustainable ways of cultivation but for others these changes are more challenging.

The research project examines these changes in cultivation practices at Finnish farms after Finland’s inclusion in the EU in 1995. Using practice theory, the project aims at identifying reasons behind the adoption of environmentally friendly cultivation practices including for example no-till methods. Via an empirical case, the project develops practice theory in relation to the study of sustainability transition focusing especially on farming culture related factors. In the farming context the research will advance our knowledge on the formation and constitution of cultivation practices. The results and methods developed in this study will bear wider applicability to designing effective agricultural policies.



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Published 2014-08-26 at 15:01, updated 2016-04-19 at 12:00