Environmental Management Support Programme (EMSP) in Lao PDR

sampling in Vientiane province.JPG, sampling in Vientiane province.JPG
Water sampling in Vientiane Province. Photo: Ms Tran Thi Kim Yen

Programme description

The Environmental Management Support Programme (EMSP) was a comprehensive capacity building programme for the environmental administration in Lao PDR. It was launched by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) as a continuation of the Swedish International Development Agency's (SIDA) two-phased Strengthening Environmental Management (SEM) Programme.

The overall development objective of the EMSP was securing clean environment, environmental health and the livelihoods of people affected by large-scale development projects and strategic plans as well as to build institutional capacity in adaptation to climate change in Lao PDR. With assistance from international and national consultants the EMSP supported the environmental authorities at central and provincial levels.

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Upgrading of the laboratory and capacity building of the staff was one of SYKE's main responsibilities. Photo: Riitta Koivikko

The Programme consisted of the following six components:

  1. DEQP - Department of Environmental Quality Promotion: Integrating environmental issues into strategic planning (Component 1)
  2. DESIA - Department of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment: Environmental permitting, monitoring and enforcement (Component 2)
  3. Provincial Departments of Natural Resources and Environment: Strengthening environmental management at the provincial level (Component 3)
  4. DEQP and MONRE Cabinet: Communication and information services (Component 4)
  5. The Natural Resources and Environment Institute: Environmental laboratory services (Component 5)
  6. Programme Management (Component 6)

Services provided by SYKE

Field measurement in Vientiane province EMSP.JPG
On the job training in measuring pH value and conductivity of water in Vientiane Province. Photo: Ms Tran Thi Kim Yen
  • Development of inspection and self-monitoring of industries;
  • Development of model environmental permit;
  • Drafting “Environmental Management Guidelines for Industry”;
  • Conducting practical training on the use of the Environmental Management Guidelines for Industry for central and provincial levels and for industry representatives;
  • Evaluation and commenting study reports of the EMSP Programme, preparing guidelines for water monitoring for provincial purposes, assess and comment the Standard Operation Procedures for river sampling;
  • Contribution to the development of the new Environmental Protection Law for Lao PDR;
  • Develop procedures for water quality assessment and reporting/dissemination to be used at river basin level and review of existing data;
  • Specification of laboratory equipment for the procurement, drafting a business plan, training of laboratory staff;
  • Development of environmental impact assessment and social impact assessment procedures;
  • Promoting gender equality and social inclusion.

More information

Mr. Lauri Kattelus, Project Manager, the International Affairs Unit, Finnish Environment Institute

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