Eco-tools for urban development - KEKO A

Project description

Purpose of this project is to evaluate existing regional eco-efficiency tools, and explore the posibility to develop new and more multipurpose assessment tools.

First stage of the KEKO-project  includes mapping and assessing existing eco-efficiency planning tools, from the perspective of regional development. Based on this, posibilities to develop regional assessment tools, which are reliable and give useful and comparable information for different kind of situations, are clarified.

At the moment there is a large variety of different kinds of assessment tools, which include regional planning aspect available. But comparability and suitability of these tools can be poor for different kinds of local and cultural situations and information sources may not be transparent enough.High price can also be  a hintering  factor for some of the tools. Because of these reasons utilization of these assessment tools has not been common.

Municipalities and companies that have regional development activities are in urgent need of  tools which would help them to direct their resources correctly to achieve climate targets. KEKO-project was designed to assist in choosing the right tool for the various purposes, and to help to develop the tools further.

A new Tekes-project that develops a new eco-tool KEKO will be started in January 2013.

More information

Senior Researcher Ari Nissinen, Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE,
Published 2013-04-24 at 10:18, updated 2013-06-04 at 15:15