Service access

The Service Delivery phase (WP4) of the BalticAIMS project has started. We provide access to EO, in situ, GIS and model data in two ways: 

  1. TARKKA+ is an updated version of SYKE’s TARKKA (link service. In the BalticAIMS project it is used as a public user interface for information related to the user stories (see D2.1 Service Portfolio Definition for examples). TARKKA+ is still under construction and datasets and functionalities related to BalticAIMS will be added during the summer. TARKKA+ is also being developed for other purposes and will, in time, replace the current TARKKA. 
  2. The data in the backend systems (xcube and GeoDB) can be accessed directly with desktop applications such as QGIS. For more details see the examples in D3.2 System and Service Chain Readiness Report (SRR). The servers are also listed in the BalticAIMS infrastructure

Towards the end of the Service Delivery phase we will make available more detailed descriptions of the implementation of the user stories outlined in D2.1 Service Portfolio Definition

Published 2021-03-17 at 15:16, updated 2022-05-20 at 10:01
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