Current plans into the built environment information system (VOOKA)

Working with the built environment information system.
Working with the built environment information system.


Currently, zoning data is not comprehensively and nationally available in Finland to guide the use and development of areas.

The goal of the VOOKA project is to export all current zoning and master plans in Finland in the national data model format to the built environment information system. The work also includes detailed shore plans and shore master plans.

The end result will be a comprehensive vector-formatted directory map, with raster-format plans and documents linked to it. The work will be carried out in close cooperation with the municipalities involved.

The project will start with a pilot in 2022

The project will start in 2022 with a pilot, which will be implemented in cooperation with the municipalities in the South Savo ELY Centre area. The pilot will export the zoning and master plans of the participating municipalities in the national data model format, including shore plans. In addition, guidelines and a management model will be developed.

The consortium called Ubisplan was chosen to work with the pilot project. The consortium consists of companies called Ubigu, Gispo, and Plandisain.

Based on the experience gained from the pilot, it will be decided how the broader scope of work should be divided into parts and acquired, and what the final framework for the data content to be exported to the data model will be.

The aim is for the complete plans to be available in the information system by the end of 2026. The results of the work will be published in the system even before then in parts, as the production of the material progresses.

Current zoning plans and master plans will be transferred to the information system.
Current zoning plans and master plans will be transferred to the information system.

VOOKA is part of the Ryhti project and the development of the built environment information system

The project is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and Project Manager Kaarina Vartiainen. The digitisation of zoning data will be acquired as consultancy work. Funding for the project will be requested from the Ministry of the Environment.

The main stakeholders in the project are the municipalities responsible for the zoning, with which the quality and coverage of the data is ensured in cooperation. Other stakeholders include the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and government actors and agencies interested in the project, such as the Ministry of the Environment, the National Land Survey of Finland and the ELY Centres.

The VOOKA project is linked to the Ministry of the Environment and SYKE's Ryhti project, which is renewing the management, processing and utilisation of information concerning the built environment. The built environment information system will be implemented as part of the Ryhti project. The information system will collect information on land use and buildings in an interoperable format.

Contacts during the pilot phase

CEO Ilpo Tammi
Ubigu Oy, Ubisplan consortium
tel. +358504347939

Land Use Specialist Jari Ahonen
South Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
tel. +358503962076

Further information about the project VOOKA

Senior Research Scientist Kaarina Vartiainen
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
tel. +358504361796

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