Circular procurement in Nordic Countries - CIPRON

The objective of this project is to study how and to what extent circular procurement is implemented in Nordic countries, focusing on Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Best and good practices of circular procurement are presented. Analysis is undertaken on how the aspects promoting circular economy, e.g., recyclability, reuse and recycled content of products and services could be adapted to public procurement process and what kind of procurement criteria could be used. In addition, the study identifies product groups and materials for which public demand could create markets.

In the EU's Action plan for circular economy (COM/2015:614/2) public procurement is seen one of the important means to respond the objectives of circular economy. Circular procurement may occur e.g., buying products with higher recycled content and parts that could be better recycled. In addition, product-service systems, i.e., buying services instead of products could encourage 'closed-loop' production and consumption cycles. Circular procurement may also stimulate markets for clean solutions, especially in waste prevention, material efficiency and recycling, such as smart waste management systems, reuse of materials and products manufactured of secondary (recycled) raw-materials.


Published 2016-06-03 at 9:34, updated 2018-02-08 at 23:19