Ceramic Demolition Waste in Circular Economy (KERPUR)




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Recycling and reuse of ceramic waste is a way forward into a circular economy. KERPUR-project explores new, more efficient ways to sort, recycle and reuse ceramic demolition waste.

Usually, a large quantity of the heterogenous demolition waste ends up in landfills. However, ceramic materials are highly processed compounds that could find new recycling applications. As traditional ceramics used in construction consists of compounds produced in hightemperature reactions, these energy-intensive materials are feasible as secondary raw materials to several products.

On the other hand, heterogeneity, and possible contaminations by other than ceramic materials challenge ceramic's recycling. Effective and feasible sorting at the demolition site is a prerequisite for recycling and reusing the waste. After defining limits for sorting the ceramic waste into different qualities, the sorted fractions can be directed to the most suitable applications. One major challenge in refining the ceramic waste is that the processing and the product, i.e., the waste-based raw material, must fulfil all the requirements set by the waste legislation.

Finally, appropriate environmental assessments are needed to verify that the recycled and refined ceramic materials alleviate the climate burden and offer an environmentally and economically feasible alternative to raw materials produced from virgin minerals and compounds.

As a result from the project, circularity of ceramic demolition waste is promoted, new business opportunities with higher value added may be found and environmental impacts are known and can thus be mitigated. 


KERPUR-project is funded by Uudenmaan liitto from the European Union REACT-EU -program by 549 448 €, representing 80 % of he overall budget is 686 810 €. The project partners, Turku Science park, Åbo Akademi, Turku AMK and SYKE contribute 20 % of the project costs.


Project period is 9/2021 - 8/2023

The project workers in SYKE are Jaakko Karvonen (project manager), Johanna Niemistö and Eevaleena Häkkinen.

Contact: firstname.familyname@syke.fi.

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