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Blue Platform Project. Advancing Blue Bioeconomy Capacities in the Baltic Sea Region

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is leading a three year Blue Platform project funded by EU’s Interreg program where the purpose is to collect and modify the data and knowledge produced in different blue bioeconomy projects in the Baltic Sea Region to an easy-to-use format into interactive webpages to help all the actors in the field.

Projects like Smart Blue Regions, Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance, Baltic Blue Growth, MUSES, InnoAquaTech, AquaBest, Plan4Blue, BlueWEBS, BIOCAS or BalticRIM pooled & increased knowledge and capacities on aquaculture, mussel and algae farming, and blue biotechnology and multi-use of sea areas within the Baltic Sea Region. The projects have also analysed legislation and policies that influence blue bioeconomy as well as financing opportunities. The Blue Platform project collects information from the previous and on-going projects. Furthermore, the project organizes a series of workshops and a conference for the blue bioeconomy actors in the region to ensure that we have the latest and relevant information. As the main project output we will create a dynamic website to be the first information and service point for all actors interested in the Blue Bioeconomy within the Baltic Sea Region, and provide easy access to:

  • actors in the field
  • facilities, bioresources, services
  • manuals, guidelines and good practices
  • technology and techniques, legal and licensing requirements, environmental assessments, model contracts, business support and planning
  • reports and analyses
  • strategies, action plans and funding programmes
  • market assessments, current and future research
  • tools and methods
  • coaching, training and educational material
  • PhDs & post-docs, internships, jobs
  • workshops & seminars, study tours, training programmes, conferences

Blue bioeconomy uses marine resources in a sustainable way

In blue bioeconomy, marine biological resources are used in a sustainable way to create economic growth. The state of the marine environment should not be compromised but at its best improved.

The project is based on the blue bioeconomy roadmap by SUBMARINER Network. Network members implemented a range of complementary projects over the past years, funded through INTERREG, BONUS or HORIZON.

Link to the SUBMARINER Roadmap document

Influencing blue bioeconomy strategies

Blue Platform activities will help define and prioritise the next generation of Blue Bioeconomy support actions. We will take an active role in the following processes related to updates of:

  • The SUBMARINER Roadmap 2020
  • The EU Blue Bioeconomy Strategy
  • The Action Plan of the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy
  • The HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan
  • The Baltic and North Sea Research Agenda
  • The EMFF & ERDF operational programmes
  • The Smart Specialisation Strategies

More information

Project manager, researcher Anne-Mari Luhtanen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

Link to the project webpages

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