Better processes and outcomes - improving knowledge exchange in regional level governance of biodiversity and ecosystem services (BRO)

BRO-hankkeen kansikuva

Perspectives of environmental justice have been largely missing from the debates and practices of regional land use planning in Finland. Better integration of scientific and lay knowledge into planning processes provide remarkable opportunities in the era of remarkable reforms in multi-level governance.

The BRO project will integrate the perspectives of environmental justice, biodiversity and ecosystem services into regional land-use planning in Finland. Applying an action research approach, we will participate in developing of the regional plan for Kymenlaakso region, in SE Finland, undergoing structural change in largely forest-based enterprises.

The close cooperation with the regional actors and an ongoing planning process will ensure the practical and societal relevance of the project.

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Head of Unit Riikka Paloniemi
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Published 2018-04-18 at 17:47, updated 2018-10-10 at 10:23

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