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Project Stage
The Biodiversity Nexus - Triggering transformative change for sustainability (BIONEXT)

The BIONEXT project aims to mainstream the use of biodiversity information in policy- and decision-making.

Utilization of DNA methods in assessing the ecological status and diversity of water bodies (eDNA monitor)

Testing, developing and validating the suitability of DNA methods for the assessment of both the ecological status of water bodies and species diversity.

PlastLIFE SIP – Re-thinking plastics in a sustainable circular economy

PlastLIFE SIP – Re-thinking plastics in a sustainable circular economy project promotes the implementation of the Plastics Roadmap for Finland (PRfF) during seven years, 2023-2029. The ultimate objec...

Planner's Carbon Tool - Carbon Map (Hiilikartta)

The main goal of the Hiilikartta project is to support municipalities and regional councils in the assessment of the climate impacts of planning as required by law. The project produces a GIS-based we...

Bringing nature back – biodiversity-friendly nature-based solutions in cities (BiNatUr)

Bringing nature back – biodiversity-friendly nature-based solutions in cities (BiNatUr) -project studies biodiversity and regulating ecosystem of aquatic nature-based solutionsin five European cities ...

Defining environmental criteria for the assessment of the severity of oil discharges (ÖLARVI)

The project develops environmental criteria for the assessment of the severity of illegal oil releases happening within the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone. The project is funded by the European Marit...

Sustainable Watershed Management Through IoT-Driven Artificial Intelligence (SWAIN)

Project aims at providing better understanding and near real-time response to pollution incidents; better prediction of pollution spread and improved response for mitigation of effects in the long run...

Pathways for the Green Future - Supporting Finnish Municipalities in Urban Greening Plans (GreeningCities)

This project will help assess the readiness of municipalities for the implementation of urban greening plans necessary to achieve the EU Biodiversity Strategy and Soil Strategy for 2030 goals.

Finnish material flow analysis and scenario work on the use of natural resources in support of circular economy agreement

The aim of the project is to promote the capacity to monitor the objectives of the Strategic Programme for Circular Economy and to strengthen the knowledge base of various actors (industry association...

European Researchers' nights (Blue nights)

The main goal of the Project is to interest young people in marine science and inspire them to pursue a career in research and innovation.

Hydrological research infrastructure (HYDRO-RI-Platform)

HYDRO-RI-Platform (action plan at hand) helps to fill identified gaps in national and the European Research Infrastructure roadmap by providing a dense, highly instrumented super-sites for freshwater ...

Enabling demand response through easy-to-use open-source approach - EasyDR

Decarbonizing energy system is the main avenue to mitigate climate change. This project attempts to enable large scale flexibility of electricity consumption at the residential scale, which in turn wi...

BIO-TRADE – Protecting biodiversity through regulating trade and international business

BIO-TRADE will analyse how the EU and European countries can protect biodiversity outside Europe. We study the topics and contents of laws as in how they set demands for regulation targets.

Pan-Arctic observing System of Systems: Implementing Observations for societal Needs (Arctic PASSION)

Arctic PASSION is an innovative pan-Arctic Observation and Monitoring action that rises to the challenges of climate change facing the people living and working in the Arctic, and to European society ...

WasteLess Karelias

The project tackles littering and improves waste management in rural villages in North Karelia, Finland, and the Karelian Republic, Russia. We encourage and support local residents, authorities and co...

Enhancing the marine and coastal biodiversity of the Baltic Sea in Finland and promoting the sustainable use of marine resources (BIODIVERSEA LIFE-IP)

Biodiversea LIFE IP (2021—2029) is the largest collaborative project in Finland to safeguard the diverse nature of the Baltic Sea.

Leveraging sustainability transformation (LEVERAGE)

LEVERAGE project aims to identify and showcase various systemic changes that support the impact of SYKE research on sustainability transformation. In the project, potential leverage points on sustaina...

Built environment information system – RYTJ

The new national built environment information system (RYTJ) gathers data related to construction and zoning.

Current plans into the built environment information system (VOOKA)

The goal of the VOOKA project is to export all current zoning and master plans in Finland in the national data model format to the built environment information system.

Arctic Black Carbon Impacting Climate and Air Pollution (ABC-iCAP)

The main objective of the action is to contribute to reducing black carbon and methane from specific source sectors impacting the Arctic by promoting national, regional and international collaboration...

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