Urban Fabrics & Urban Zones Seminar, COST meeting October 2013

The meeting of European Union's COST ACTION TU 0902 (Integrated assessment technologies to support the sustainable development of urban areas) was held at the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE in October 2013. As a part of the meeting SYKE organised an international seminar Urban Fabrics & Urban Zones on Thursday 24th October, and a national seminar on 25th October. On this page you will find the COST meeting agenda, video clips of five seminar presentations and the slides of all the presentations.


Rikhard Manninen: Introducing the Helsinki City Plan Vision (COST meeting 10/23/2013)

Peter Newman: The Theory of Urban Fabrics (UF & UZ Seminar 10/24/2013)

Leo Kosonen: Three Urban Fabrics - new way of thinking, new models and a new theory (UF & UZ Seminar 10/24/2013)

Richard Dawson: Integrated Assessment Technologies to Support the Sustainable Development of Urban Areas (UF & UZ Seminar 10/24/2013)

Panel: How to Apply Urban Fabrics in Urban and Transport Planning? (UF & UZ Seminar 10/24/2013)


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Senior Research Scientist Mika Ristimäki, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, firstname.lastname@environment.fi, tel. +358 295 251 567

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