Metadata interface

Discovery service

Finnish Enviroment Institute's (Syke) Metadata Portal includes descriptions of spatial datasets, earth observation products, data systems, research data, data related to environmental reporting as well as web map services and other interfaces and web map applications produced and maintained by Finnish Environmental Administration. Syke's Metadata portal includes also information about other data producers data resources that can be used within Finnish Environmental Administration. 

Metadata portal has been implemented with CKAN and can also be used via API interface. Example queries below. More information on how to use the API interface can be found in the API guide.

CKAN interface metadata list

CKAN API interface query examples

Query example: Metadata with the word ”boreal”

Query example: Metadata with the word ”sedimentti” in the title*sedimentti*

CSW interface

Syke's metadata can also be harvested from the discovery service that supports OGC CSW interface standard according to version 2.0.2. CSW interface provides INSPIRE compatible (TG2.0) metadata for GIS data. All metadata in the service do not follow precisely the INSPIRE Technical Guidance on metadata.

CSW interface table of contents

CSW interface query examples

Query example: Metadata for a single dataset[ID]%7D&elementSetName=full&resultType=results&outputSchema=
[ID] is the unique identifier in the service (e.g.8F45F7BF-669F-4434-A8DB-8E686933F6FF)

Query example: Meta-data for the selected 10 datasets




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