The INSPIRE Directive (2007/2 / EC) and the Spatial Data Act (421/2009) and Regulation (725/2009) define standards for datasets and services. INSPIRE Network Services specify common interfaces for view and download services.

The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) datasets and services corresponding to the themes listed in Annexes I, II and III have been implemented according to Technical Guidance for INSPIRE Download Services 3.1.

The metadata for the spatial data sets and services are kept up to date and in SYKE metadata service and the national metadata portal.


Based on INSPIRE WMS (Web Map Service), generic client applications allow users to visualise INSPIRE data sets in interactive maps. The availability of the service and the response times are monitored.

Service State

Catchment areas and river network

Nature protected areas, Natura 2000 areas and Built Heritage objects protected by special legislation

Lake and river depth profiles

Groundwater areas

Corine Land Cover datasets

Image mosaics

Water bodies according to water framework directive (the second reporting cycle) and river basin districts, Protected Rapids and

EU bathing water directive Bathing Waters and traffic and Waterway Restriction areas

Forest vegetation zones and mire vegetation zones

Flood hazard areas and flood risk zones

Hydrological observations, water basin district surface water quality observations 2010 and water basin district groundwater quality observations 2010

Animal and plant species distribution 2019

Bird species distribution 2019

Habitats distribution 2019

EU registry on Industrial Sites

Urban Waste Water Treatment Plants

Environmental Noise Maps According to Environmental Noise Directive

Regions and Reporting Units According to Marine Strategy Framework Directive





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