Focus on basic security, education, and participation

Sustainable well-being cannot be implemented without fair distribution of resources. Decisions on emission reductions or protecting biodiversity cannot succeed if people do not find them acceptable. According to the Finnish Climate Panel more attention needs to be focused on the possibilities for participation in climate policy.

Climate measures taken by municipalities and the government affect well-being and health in many ways. For example, a more condensed urban structure, changes in transport systems, and nutritional recommendations can have effects that are experienced as both positive and negative. The evaluation of these impacts and hearing the experiences is important if climate measures are to be accepted.

In addition to participation, the government and municipalities should give input into sufficient basic security as well as education. These make it possible to adapt to changes and to enact change.

The securing of sustainable well-being and the success of the transition also require social innovations.

Published 2018-09-13 at 11:57, updated 2018-09-14 at 10:55

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