Programme for Finland's Water Sector Support to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (FinWaterWEI II)

Access to water plays a key role in development – it sustains human life, both through direct consumption and use in agriculture for food security. Because of its importance, there are many demands for water: the use of water for industrial purposes is important to fuel economic growth, and at the same time access to water is important for agricultural producers and households.


Children fetching drinking water in the
Fergana valley city Osh in Kyrgyzstan.
Photo: Ari Mäkelä

The Water Management Programme in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, FinWaterWEI II, will be implemented in 2014–2018. FinWaterWEI II builds on the experience acquired during the phase I of the FinWaterWEI, the Programme for Finland’s Water Sector Support to the EECCA Countries under the Wider Europe Initiative (WEI), implemented in 2009–2013.

The overall objective of FinWaterWEI II is to enhance water security in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the related region through equitable and integrated management of water resources. The Programme aims at reducing water-related risks by supporting the countries in managing their national and international water resources in a balanced, equitable and integrated manner. It promotes a rights-based approach to water use and water management. In the context of the water sector, the human rights-based approach to development can be defined not only as people’s right to clean water and sanitation but also as the capacity of the state institutions to provide the necessary services to its citizens.

The priority areas of Finland’s Development Policy Programme (2012) are also promoted by FinWaterWEI II including

  • a democratic and accountable society that promotes human rights;
  • an inclusive green economy that promotes employment;
  • sustainable management of natural resources and environmental protection; and
  • human development.

FinWaterWEI II also addresses the three cross-cutting objectives of Finland’s development policy: gender equality, reduction of inequality and climate sustainability.

Close cooperation with international development partners in the UN community and beyond will be continued during the phase II, while at the same time diversifying the collaboration partner pool with a strong national presence. Support to high level policy process work will be combined with activities that produce concrete deliverables on the ground. The Programme encompasses also inter-institutional collaboration projects between Finnish governmental institutions and their counterparts in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The total budget reserved for FinWaterWEI II is 7,75 M€. The financing for the Programme comes from the Finnish Development Assistance budget.


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