Teemu Näykki

Develop Manager, title of docent

PhD (Chemistry), University of Tartu

Contact information

Email: firstname.lastname@syke.fi
Tel. +358 295 251 471

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
Research infrastructure
Mustialankatu 3, 00790 Helsinki

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Current tasks

I work as a development manager at SYKE´s research infrastructure unit and my duties are

  • to develop SYKE's research infrastructures and related services
  • to develop SYKE's activities as a National Reference Laboratory in TULANET's laboratory network.
  • to chair the technical committee of European metrology institutes (EURAMET TC-MC) in the field of metrology in chemistry.
  • to be responsible for activities of SYKE as VTT-MIKES Designated Institute and calibration laboratory activities within the European Network of Metrology Institutes,
  • to lead and act as an expert in national and international projects aimed at the quality of environmental information and the development of laboratory activities.
  • to promote activities related to chemical metrology, i.e. measurement quality, reliability and traceability as well as the digitization of measurements.
  • to act as an expert and trainer in the area of chemical method validation and measurement uncertainty estimations,
  • to be responsible for activities of SYKE as standards writing body of Finnish Standards Association (SFS) and coordinate for standardization of analytical methods in the environmental sector in Finland.
  • to act as a chairman of the Finnish mirror group for water analysis/water quality and sampling (ISO/TC 147, CEN/TC 230). Member of several ISO and CEN working groups.


I have been working in the Finnish Environment Institute since 2000. First, I was a chemist in the inorganic chemistry group at the laboratory being responsible e.g. for nutrient and mercury analytics. Since 2006, I was the leader of the same group and in 2010 I became the head of the metrology team established in the Environmental Measurement and Testing Laboratory. At the same time, I started to do my doctoral thesis on chemical metrology at the University of Tartu, which was completed four years later. Currently, I work as a development manager of the research infrastructure unit and as a visiting associate professor / docent in the universities of Tartu and Jyväskylä.


I have been an author of several scientific papers and research reports, as well as trained and educated experts and students in the area of metrology and measurement quality in the chemical laboratories.

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