Pälvi Salo


PhD (Ecology), University of Turku

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+358 295 252 152

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
Nature solutions
Habitat types
Latokartanonkaari 11
FI-00790 Helsinki

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Current position

I work on several topics related to biodiversity conservation, environmental consulting, and impact assessments. My duties include developing instructions for conducting ecological surveys and ecological impact assessments as well as drafting guidelines on how to use ecological compensation following the new Nature Conservation Act in Finland. I also act as the secretary of two working groups that plan and follow the implementation of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Finland.


  • ecological surveys
  • ecological impact assessment
  • ecological compensation
  • Biodiversity Convention follow-up
  • Do No Significant Harm -principle


My background is in animal ecology (PhD), and my research has focused especially on top predator and alien predator effects on prey populations and prey behavior. My research methods have included both traditional field work (mainly in the Archipelago Sea) and meta-analytical reviews. Before starting in Syke in 2018 I’ve worked e.g. as a symposium secretary, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku, and as an independent consultant.


Publications in Syke

Forsius, K., Silvo, K., Jouttijärvi, T., Marttunen, M., Mustajoki, J., Karppinen, T. K. M., Kostamo, K., Salo, P. P., Romppanen, S., Kautto, P. & Toivanen, R. 2022. Implementation of the DNSH principle for measures set out in Finland’s recovery and resilience plan. Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 3en/2022. 85 pp.

Forsius, K., Silvo, K., Jouttijärvi, T., Marttunen, M., Mustajoki, J., Karppinen, T. K. M., Kostamo, K., Salo, P., Romppanen, S., Kautto, P. & Toivanen, R. 2022. Ei merkittävää haittaa -periaatteen (DNSH) soveltaminen Suomen elpymis- ja palautumissuunnitelman hankkeissa. Suomen ympäristökeskus, Helsinki. Suomen ympäristökeskuksen raportteja 3/2022. 77 s.

Mäkelä, K. & Salo, P. 2021. Luontoselvitykset ja luontovaikutusten arviointi. Opas tekijälle, tilaajalle ja viranomaiselle. Suomen ympäristökeskus ja ympäristöministeriö, Helsinki. Suomen ympäristökeskuksen raportteja 47/2021. 346 s.

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