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Tel. +358 2 952 51525 

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
Climate solutions
Policies and risks
Latokartanonkaari 11
FI-00790 Helsinki, Finland



I have worked at the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) since 2009. I hold a MsC in Geography (2009; University of Oulu) and a PhD from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at University of Helsinki (2021). My research is focused on studying approaches to assessing climate change impacts, risks and adaptation at different sectors, applying e.g., impact models, indicator analysis, scenarios, GIS and storylines.

Research interests

  • Climate change impacts and risks
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Model based assessments
  • Development of methods and approaches to assessing climate change risks

Research activities

2020-2024: Climate change and Health: Adapting to Mental, Physical and Societal challenges (CHAMPS)
Funding: Academy of Finland, Climate Change and Health Research Programme (CLIHE)

2020-2024: Adapting to climate change risks in Finland: an Impact Response surface STudy (Adapt-FIRST)
Funding: Academy of Finland

2021-2024: Finnish scenarios for climate change research addressing policies, regions and integrated systems (FINSCAPES)
Funding: Academy of Finland Special funding for system-level research into climate change mitigation and adaptation


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Selected publications

Pirttioja, N., Palosuo, T., Fronzek, S., Räisänen J., Rötter, R. and Carter, T.R. 2019. Using impact response surfaces to analyse the likelihood of impacts on crop yield under probabilistic climate change. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 264: 213-224.

Fronzek. S., Pirttioja, N., Carter, T.R., Bindi, M., Hoffmann, H. and Palosuo, T. et al. 2018. Classifying multi-model wheat yield impact response surfaces showing sensitivity to temperature and precipitation change. Agricultural Systems 159:209-224.

Pirttioja, N., Carter, T.R., Fronzek, S., Bindi, M., Hoffmann, H., Palosuo, T. et al. 2015. Temperature and precipitation effects on wheat yield across a European transect: a crop model ensemble analysis using impact response surfaces. Climate Research 65:87-105

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