Mikko Kuussaari

Senior research scientist

PhD (Ecology)

Contact information

Email: firstname.surname@syke.fi
Telephone: +358 295 251 331

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
Nature solutions
Address: Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki, Finland

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Current tasks

  • Research and monitoring of farmland biodiversity
  • Butterfly monitoring scheme in Finnish agricultural landscapes, international research collaboration
  • Coordination of the research programme for environmental impacts of agriculture in Finland (MATO)


I have worked as a senior research scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) since the year 1998. My research has focused on conservation biology, especially factors affecting farmland biodiversity and how biodiversity can be maintained in agricultural landscapes. The research has included monitoring of farmland biodiversity as well as studies focusing on the effects of particular mitigation measures available in the Finnish national agri-enviroment scheme.

In these studies butterflies has been a good indicator group rapidly reacting to environmental changes. In 1999 I initiated the national butterfly transect monitoring scheme in Finland, which Syke has coordinated already for 19 years. I have headed a number of national research projects on farmland biodiversity and its management via agri-environment schemes and participated in several EU-funded projects (e.g. COCONUT, SCALES, STEP) focusing on the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation and decline of pollinator insects.

In recent years I have participated in the international research collaboration among the European butterfly monitoring schemes. I have also supervised master and PhD thesis work of university students and participated as a biodiversity expert in working groups developing the Finnish national agri-environment scheme.

Some recent projects

Coordination of the research programme for environmental impacts of agriculture in Finland (MATO) 2016-2020 (In Finnish)

Assessing the efficiency of Finnish agri-environmental support scheme (MYTTEHO)

Ecosystem services of traditional rural biotopes and means for a cost-effective uptake of their inventory (PEBI) (In Finnish)

(In Finnish)

Current state of Baton Blue (Scolitantides vicrama) in Finnish and improving its conservation status via translocation (In Finnish)

Species-rich LIFE (Improving the conservation status of species-rich habitats)

European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (eBMS)

Separating environmental changes and their effects on community traits in European butterflies (sECURE)

How local-scale processes build up the large-scale response of butterflies to global changes: integrative analysis across monitoring schemes (LOLA-BMS)



List of publications  24.11.2017 (pdf)

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