Marianne Aulake


MSSc (Political science) 

Contact information

Tel: +358 50 568 7145 

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) 
Societal change
Just Transformation 
Latokartanonkaari 11 
00790 Helsinki Finland 

Research topics 

  • Environmental health and the well-being benefits of nature 
  • Biodiversity politics 
  • Justice, security and vulnerability in a changing environment 
  • Science communication and science-policy-interaction 

Research projects and coordination 

  • National IPBES Working Group, secretary 
  • BOOST for Biodiversity Offsets
  • CO-OP4CBD – Co-operation for the Convention on Biodiversity 

Past projects 

  • HERA - Health Environment Research Agenda for Europe 

Selected publications 

Heidi Lehtiniemi, Marianne Aulake, Riikka Paloniemi, Suvi Huttunen. 2023. Pulling biodiversity offsetting in different directions - Stakeholder frames in the preparation of the Finnish nature conservation act. Biological Conservation, Volume 283, 2023.

Terhi Arola, Marianne Aulake, Anna Ott, Matti Lindholm, Petra Kouvonen, Petri Virtanen, Riikka Paloniemi. The impacts of nature connectedness on children's well-being: Systematic literature review, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Volume 85, 2023,

Published 2023-03-01 at 15:16, updated 2023-06-13 at 10:06

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