Liisa Varumo


M.Sc. (Regional Sciences and Environmental Policy)

Tel: +358 295 251 671

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
Societal change
Address: Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 HELSINKI

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Varumo profiilikuva

Research and interests

  • EU and international biodiversity policy
  • Societal engagement and citizen participation in environmental policy
  • Science-policy interfaces
  • Forest governance
  • Eco and social psychology and motivations of conservation
  • Biodiversity offsets and tools for biodiversity conservation

Current work

The majority of my work is related to EU environmental and forest policies. My current research in the EKLIPSE project focuses on experimenting and evaluating different approaches to societal engagement on local and European scales for more legitimate EU-level decision-making. In this project I also work on designing capacity building events on participation in science-policy processes for diverse societal audiences. In the InnoForESt project I conduct policy analyses on the institutional settings for producing forest ecosystem services related innovations in Europe. Related to forest innovations, I am involved as a PhD researcher in the Finnish Habitat Bank project cluster, assessing the societal acceptance of biodiversity offsetting and the practical issues related to the adoption of an offsetting scheme in Finland from the public administration perspective. As part of my PhD studies I am also interested in ecopsychology and motivational factors of individuals and institutions in environmental conservation and the role of knowledge influencing these factors.


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Varumo, L. et al (2020). D 6.3. Recommendations for policy and research to encourage societal debate on and engagement with environmental policy and research – A report from the EKLIPSE project.

Gosselin, F., Galanaki, A., Vandewalle, M., Van Dijk, J., Varumo, L., Ventocilla, J., Watt, A., & Young, J. (2020). MICESE: A New Method Used for the Formulation of Key Messages from the Scientific Community for the EU Post 2020 Biodiversity Strategy. Sustainability, 12(6), 2385.

Primmer, E., Varumo, L., Kotilainen, J. M., Raitanen, E., Kattainen, M., Pekkonen, M., … Ollikainen, M. (2019). Institutions for governing biodiversity offsetting: An analysis of rights and responsibilities. Land Use Policy, 81, 776–784.

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Varumo, L., Paloniemi, R., Kelemen, E., Young, J., Koskela, I-M. (2018) Multiple Scales, Multiple Approaches: Towards meaningful engagement in Europe. EKLIPSE policy brief

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