Kirsikka Heinilä

Senior research scientist 

Contact information 

Tel. +358 29 525 2268 

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) 
Quality of information/ Novel monitoring 
Visiting address: Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki 

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The main focus of my work is on optical remote sensing of snow and lake ice. I have a long experience investigating the spectral signature of multi-scale observations. I have been working with several international cryosphere remote sensing projects funded by EU, ESA and EUMETSAT, which have high importance and impact on environmental monitoring, global climate studies and hydrological monitoring. Since 2016, I have been manager at SYKE end for Copernicus Global Land Service (CGLS) addressing the thematic domain of cryosphere. I am the data quality manager as well as senior scientist for the lake ice service in CGLS. Additionally, I have an involvement as an organizer of the Finnish citizen observation campaign Talviseuranta (“Winter monitoring”) 

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