Jari Silander

Senior research scientist

Dr. Water resources

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E-mail: firstname.lastname@syke.fi
Tel: +358 295 251 638
Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
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Postal address: Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki, Finland

Skype: jsisyke



AI service for optical camera network “When will ice break?” is released. Our new AI service for detecting in real time ice, snow and water from our national optical camera network. It uses quality control, classification and segmentation which are based on our over 300 000 image data base from around 100 different locations. You can try to see.

When ice breaks
AI (forecasting, image recgonition, invasive species), urban water & education (economics, meteorology, product development). Several national programmes completed.
Climate change and image recgontion.
A government Key Project ÄlyVesi on Artificial intelligence and IoT in water sector (2018-2020). We use machine learning to detect species in land and water in small and large scale, biomass, algae, water level and ice movement. Deep learning is used for water forecasting. Different IoT equipment and 5G-networks are  also used.


Viro kuvaukset kesällä 2019
Video about automated identification of invasives species

Digital Waters Flagship (DIWA, 2024-2032, 50 M€), DIWA is to FORM, FACILITATE and FOSTER a new generation of the water sector (academia-business-public sector). We enable a transition towards the digital representation of real-world water systems (Digital Twin) to reproduce hydrological storages, their states, fluxes and processes, as well as ecosystem responses with novel options for improved scenario analysis, planning and governance.

The AquaINFRA (EU, 7.6 M€, 2023-2026) project is to develop an EOSC compliant innovative interaction platform for restoring healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters.

The new Freshwater Competence Centre - infrastructure, network and research was released 23.5.2022. 

Restoring our oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters (EU-project 2023->)

Water4All - EUROPEAN PARTNERSHIP WATER4ALL – WATER SECURITY FOR THE PLANET (water4all-partnership.eu) (2022-2032, >100 M€, SYKE partner) - E.g. new EU-wide Strategic Research and Innovation agenda, six open calls, Knowledge hubs, Living labs.

Green Digi Basin - digital twins - climate gas modelling - data fusion (Academy of Finland, 2022-2024)

National hydrological research infrastructure (HYDRO-RI-Platform, 2022-2024, SYKE partner). Finnish Environment Institute > Hydrological research infrastructure (HYDRO-RI-Platform) (syke.fi). Completes gaps in national and the European Research Infrastructure roadmap by providing a dense, highly instrumented autonomous super-sites for freshwater monitoring (2022-2024, Acedemy of Finland)

Hydro-RDI-Network – Research, Development & Innovation in Hydrology (hydrordi.com) serve as the first Finnish competence center of the water sector by bringing together research organisations and companies to boost RDI activities related to hydrology. 

MONITOR2020 is a national environment monitoring strategy & development program.  The steering group earlier leaded by a Chief Secretary of Ministry.

MMEA-programme (2010-2015, over 30 M€, SYKE partner, WP-leader). New open data interfaces to national monitoring data like OData, also EO-data and forecasting data interfaces. Crows & maching learning applications.Finnish Environment Institute > Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Assessment (MMEA) Research Programme: WP1.1 Data Management; Tools WP3 Remote sensing; WP5 Business Applications (syke.fi)

A government Key Project for Education (2017-2018) - a national curriculum how to link reasearch and education.

CLIC Innovation Cluster 


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