Annika Vilmi

Researcher, MSc (Geography, University of Oulu, 2011), PhD (Ecology, University of Oulu, 2017)


Tel: +358 295 251 818
Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
Nature solutions
Freshwater ecology
Street address: Paavo Havaksen tie 3, 90570 Oulu, Finland
Postal address: PL 413, 90014 Oulun yliopisto, Finland

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Current duties

Preparing and conducting national and international research projects on aquatic organisms, freshwater ecology and limnology. Writing scientific articles and reports on monitoring, spatial modelling and status of freshwater systems. Participating to development of diatom-based monitoring protocols and acting as an expert in working groups related to the field. Developing biological reference laboratory activities and quality-assurance related to diatoms.


I’m a geographer (MSc) and an ecologist (PhD). In my PhD thesis, I studied the usability of lake bacterial, diatom, macroinvertebrate and macrophyte communities as indicators of environmental change. The results showed that there are some uncertainties in the functioning of the indicators, which are at least partly related to the degree of dispersal and connectivity, ultimately linking to how well species reach suitable environmental conditions and how reliable the information an index provides is. In my current duties I can utilize the ecological understanding I gained during my PhD project as well as my multidisciplinary background; I have minored in geoinformatics, geology, statistics and environmental research.


  • Diatom species identifications, field and laboratory methods
  • Anthropogenic impacts on freshwater systems
  • Development needs and possibilities of monitoring programmes and ecological indicators
  • Statistical analyses of biological communities and spatial modelling in R Statistical Software

Focal research projects


I have authored and co-authored scientific peer-reviewed publications and official reports. An up-to-date list of publications is in Google Scholar.


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