Problem solving in Zanzibar with the expertise of the Finnish Environment Institute

News 2019-07-02 at 16:22
ZAN-SDI hankkeen video
Underwater nature of Zanzibar. © SYKE

Underwater nature of Zanzibar, Tanzania, is spectacular with its coral reefs, seagrass meadows and mangrove forests. Marine life is however facing severe threats as coastal zone is affected by increasing tourism, coastal building, overfishing and also climate change.

ZAN-SDI project (2016–2019) aimed to develop the sustainable use of the marine and coastal areas in Zanzibar by locating the marine biodiversity hotspots, and taking them into account in the first coastal and marine spatial plan for Zanzibar.

Videos make local people to appreciate their own marine nature

The videos produced by the Finnish Environment Institute together with the Zanzibar authorities in the ZAN-SDI project showcase the magnificent underwater marine nature of Zanzibar and highlight the problems that the coast has. The videos have been produced both in English and in Swahili and target especially the Zanzibar people, for whom the underwater marine environment can still be completely unknown.

Altogether thirteen experts of SYKE’s Data and Information Centre, Marine Research Centre and International Affairs Unit participated in the implementation and management of the Project in collaboration with the Zanzibar partners and experts of the National Land Survey of Finland and University of Turku. For more information, please visit our project website and watch the video about sustainable use of coastal areas in Zanzibar.

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