The year of celebration for European landscapes

Press release 2020-09-07 at 8:30

This autumn, we are celebrating landscapes as it is the 20th anniversary of the European Landscape Convention. Vibrant landscape is an important part of the European identity.  Landscapes are celebrated in Finland in various ways such as a photography competition open to all, a photography campaign and scenic walks.

Rural landscape
Typical Finnish rural landscape. Photo Tapio Heikkilä.

Let’s appreciate our everyday landscapes

Summertime and vacations are a time to admire and photograph landscapes, but what does your everyday landscape look like? Everyday landscapes are an integral part of well-being as well as a high-quality and diverse living environment. Now is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for everyday landscapes by taking part in a photography campaign that celebrates them!

To participate, photograph your everyday landscapes and publish the photos on Instagram with the tag #arkimaisema. Also remember to follow the campaign on Instagram at @arkimaisema. The campaign will culminate in the International Landscape Day held on 20 October 2020.

Celebrate the International Landscape Day and participate in the photography competition

What does your landscape look like on International Landscape Day on 20 October 2020? Whether your day includes a forest trail, a parking lot, a strip of field, an open-plan office, a schoolyard, a thicket on a beach, an autumn garden, a pavement, a sunset or a boatyard, photograph your day’s landscape and take part in the photography competition!

In celebration of the International Landscape Day, the Ministry of the Environment is organising a photography competition. The theme of the competition is “Landscape Day 2020”.

The jury will judge the photos and the winner will be awarded a gift card of 500 euros to Rajala Pro Shop. A number of other deserving photographs will receive book awards. Photos of the photography competition will be put on display at the Ministry of the Environment and possibly the Ministry’s events and the competition web site.

In addition to the photography competition, the International Landscape Day will be celebrated with scenic walks organised by the Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation, among other things. The International Landscape Day website provides you with tips for Landscape Day activities, including links for pre-planned walking routes where you can explore the landscape on your own. Landscape Day is part of the European Heritage Days programme.

This year, the International Landscape Day will be celebrated for the fourth time. Landscape Day is organised by the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Environment Institute. The Finnish Local Heritage Federation, the Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation, the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Finnish Association of Landscape Industries are also involved in Landscape Day.

City Wiev
Not so odinary City Wiev in Helsinki. Photo Tapio Heikkilä.

European Landscape Convention protecting landscapes

The International Landscape Day is connected to the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe, which aims at planning, managing and protecting all kinds of landscapes. The convention covers all landscapes, from the beautiful to the mundane as well as rural, natural and urban. It is the first international agreement that applies solely to landscape. Finland entered into the agreement in 2006.

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