New methods of environmental footprints can be a game changer for companies

Press release 2018-09-21 at 11:32
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New methods for calculation of the environmental footprint open possibilities for businesses to document and communicate their environmental performance in a more simplified and verifiable way. With the new guidance companies are able to create a much more transparent market regarding environmental claims.

European Commission recently published the final methods for the calculation of the environmental footprint of products (PEF) and organizations (OEF). The new methods take account of the whole life-cycle of the products and organizations, from the extraction of raw materials to the management of products as waste. They provide a European harmonized way to quantify environmental impacts in the future. – You have probably heard about different one-topic footprints like carbon footprint, water footprint, and ecological footprint. Now the new environmental footprint takes into account 16 different environmental impacts.

Environmental footprints can be a game-changing policy tool and in the future lead to significant changes in market conditions regarding communication of environmental impacts of products and services.

Over the past 4 years, the European Commission, together with about 300 volunteering organizations and companies, have tested the development of more than 20 product category (PEFCR) and 2 organization sector (OEFSR) rules.

It is still open, whether environmental footprint become a mandatory tool for companies making green claims, and will it be used in policies like Ecodesign Directive, Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and green public procurement, or will it give boost to different voluntary tools already available.

This topic is discussed 18th September in Helsinki, Finlandia hall, by 150 experts from the Nordic countries, EU Commission, and other European countries. The Conference is organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers in cooperation with the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) and the Finnish Ministry of Environment.

Representatives of media are welcome to the conference. Registration by email to Hanna Salo,

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  • Ari Nissinen, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE),
  • Preben Kristensen, coordinator of the Nordic Environmental Footprint group (NEF),
  • Cecilia Mattsson, Naturvårdsverket,
  • Gert Hansen, Miljøstyrelsen,

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