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  • Consumption-based emissions for all Finnish municipalities and regions calculated for the first time 2023-01-31
    For the first time, the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) has published consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions data for all Finnish municipalities and regions. The emissions per capita vary considerably between different municipalities and regions. As a result of the consumption of imported goods, a significant portion of emissions is also directed abroad.
  • Finnish Environment Institute is updating its organisation: a vision of sustainability transformation, life within planetary boundaries     2023-01-24
    According to a recent assessment by the World Economic Forum, the most significant global risks over the next ten years will be climate change and biodiversity loss. In order to mitigate these risks, countries have drawn up international agreements and programmes, a number of sectors have started to look for more sustainable forms of production, and citizens have become increasingly interested in environmental issues. Pressure to accelerate the green transition has increased, but changes are slow. The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) has taken sustainability transformation its vision.
  • Effective municipal climate action requires co-operation between climate experts and communicators 2023-01-09
    New research reveals a gap between climate action and communication in municipalities. With limited resources, climate communication is mostly done by those doing climate work, not communication experts. Internal exchange of information on climate issues is often low, further complicating climate communication. A quick way to improve the effectiveness of municipalities’ climate communications is to strengthen cooperation between climate experts and communicators.
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