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  • Sorting of household waste in rural areas improved in North Karelia 2022-05-12
    The raising of awareness, resident cooperation and improvement of waste management infrastructure have improved waste sorting and reduced the amount of mixed waste in villages in North Karelia.
  • The significant role of volunteering in monitoring litter 2022-05-05
    The Finnish Rotary and the Governing Body of Suomenlinna are taking part in the monitoring and research work being carried out by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE on the quantities, types and sources of litter. The Rotary members are committed to counting and classifying all litter from Patterilahti, Susisaari in Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Helsinki.
  • Municipalities’ climate emissions decreased by 8.7% in 2020 2022-05-05
    According to the calculations by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), municipalities’ total climate emissions decreased by 8.7% in 2020 from the previous year.
  • Climate change has an impact, but human actions will determine the fate of the Baltic Sea 2022-04-11
    A comprehensive review of the effects of climate change on the Baltic Sea has been completed. According to this review, the temperature, ice conditions, oxygen concentration and also the ecosystem of the Baltic Sea will change as climate change progresses. However, model studies show that direct human activities have a greater impact on the state of the Baltic Sea than climate change. Reducing the nutrient load is still key to improving the state of the sea.
  • Dissertation: New approach in the assessment of impact of arsenic-based chemical warfare agents on marine environment 2022-04-05
    An estimated 50,000 tons of munitions containing chemical warfare agents have been dumped in the Baltic Sea. For her doctoral dissertation, Hanna Niemikoski, a researcher at SYKE studied the accumulation of phenylarsenic compounds from the munitions in fish and other marine biota. Niemikoski is defending her dissertation at the University of Helsinki on Friday, 8 April.
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