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  • Baltic Sea winter monitoring cruise: phosphate content reaches record levels 2024-04-10
    The annual winter monitoring cruise of the marine research vessel Aranda revealed that the oxygen problems of the main basin of the Baltic Sea continue and that phosphate levels in the surface layer have increased. The oxygen situation in the Gulf of Finland was relatively good, but the phosphate level in the surface layer was higher than at any time in the past 30 years. Nutrient levels were also higher than usual in the Archipelago Sea.
  • Competitive tendering starts for oil removal from the Ilmarinen shipwreck 2024-02-12
    The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) is launching the competitive tendering for removing the oil from the wrecked coastal defence ship Ilmarinen. The tendering process is part of Syke’s statutory monitoring of high-risk shipwrecks.
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