SYKE successful in SRC Climate Change and Humans call

News 2020-11-10 at 13:42
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The Finnish Environment Institute receives total of 1.9 M€ research funding in a call “Climate Change and Humans”, a research programme launched by the Strategic Research Council. SYKE is a partner in three funded research consortia. Funding was granted to 15 consortia totaling EUR 15.2 million.

“The SRC Climate Change and Humans programme aligns with SYKE’s research ambitions. The funded projects focus on solutions and sustainability transition. They study topics that are close to people, such as homes and mobility. Humans are also analyzed as a target of steering and as an active participant in sustainability transition”, says acting director general Eeva Primmer.

Research consortia with SYKE

  • Consortium: DECARBON-HOME - Citizens as agents of change in decarbonizing suburban and rural housing (DECARBON-HOME) Consortium leader Anne Toppinen, University of Helsinki, SYKE's partner David Lazarevic, SYKE's budget € 826.000.
  • Consortium: 2035Legitimacy - Leaving No One Lost in Transition: Citizens and the Legitimacy of Finland’s Transition to a Carbon Neutral Welfare State. Consortium leader Kati Kulovesi, UE, SYKE's partner Antti Belinskij. SYKE's budget € 682.000.
  • Consortium: CLIMATE-NUDGE - Nudging for climate: Using behavioral sciences for steering communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fortify carbon sinks (CLIMATE-NUDGE). Consortium leader Paula Salo, TY, SYKE's partner Marko Tainio. SYKE's budget € 400.021.

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