Finnish environmental experts available during the #Helsinki2018 Summit

News 2018-07-11 at 13:21

President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet in Helsinki 16.7. The experts of Finnish Environment Institute are available to give more information on black carbon, climate change and on conservation on arctic environment and the Baltic Sea.

Climate change, black carbon

Professor Mikael Hildén: climate change, chairman of the Black Carbon -working group in the Arctic Council tel. +358 295 251 173

Senior Scientist Kaarle Kupiainen: black carbon, fine particles in the atmosphere tel. +358 295 251 326

Arctic region, arctic cooperation

Director of Marine Research Centre, Paula Kankaanpää: arctic cooperation and research tel. +358 295 251 099

Sustainable development globally, in the arctic region and in Finland

Director of Environmental Policy Centre, professor Eeva Furman, member of the UN´s SDG -working group tel. +358 295 251 123

Protection of the Baltic Sea

Director of Marine Research Centre, Paula Kankaanpää tel. +358 295 251 099

Senior Scientist Seppo Knuuttila tel. +358 295 251 286

Scientific publications on Arctic region

Global impacts of climate change in the Arctic region: summary and press material

Articles on sustainable development in the Arctic region

  • Furman, E. 2017 EU High-Level Arctic event: “A sustainable Arctic – innovative approaches”. The Polar Journal vol. 7, issue 2: 436-437.
  • Furman, E. 2016. From inspiration to action, from action to institution – some early interventions of Arctic collaboration in sustainable development. In: Heininen, L., H. Exner-Pirot, & J. Plouffe. (Eds.). (2016). Arctic Yearbook 2016. Akureyri, Iceland: Northern Research Forum. ISSN 2298–2418, pp. 252-255. Available from

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